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Goa Ayur Care offers you the best of ayurvedic treatments and medicinal massages
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Our wide range of health and beauty care packages are
specifically designed to treat modern day health issues like
stress, respiratory problems and skin diseases.
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Panchkarma (Detox)

Panchakarma (Detox) is Ayurveda’s primary purification and detoxification treatment. Panchakarma means “five therapies” which helps to eliminate toxin and balances the Dosha’s in the body.

Relax and Rejuvenate

The cells and tissue of the body change over the years. It is therefore necessary to refresh and rejuvenate the body’s systems in order to preserve the balance between body, mind and soul.


Ayurveda propounds that prevention is important aspect of disease management and strengthening the immune system is a natural way to help the body fight against the disease causing pathogens.


AYURVEDA is a vast ancient science of Indian medicine. “AYU” means life and “VEDA” means knowledge. It is the science which gives knowledge of human life. It is not only to cure diseases but also to maintain the health of a person. With Ayurveda, we can easily prevent many illnesses with a HEALTHY DIET and LIFESTYLE in accordance to body constitution (body type).

What is Health?

Health is not only absence of disease, illness or sickness. Health is nothing but Balance in Dosha (VATA, PITTA, KAPHA), Dhatu (Body tissues), Malas (waste products), Agni (Body heat including digestive system) and all physiological functions that bring the feeling of freshness in all senses – organ, mind and soul. True health is possible through AYURVEDA and NATUROPATHY.

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