Now a day’s worldwide scientist are busy to find out vaccine for COVID-19 Virus. But is it possible to get vaccine for each virus and bacteria? Practically not but if we increase our immunity then it will be possible to fight each illnesses.

The concept of Vyadhiksamatva (immunity) is of tremendous importance in the daily wellness of human beings; for prevention and recovery from diseases. When etiological factors come in with the body, they try to produce disease. At the same time the body tries to resist the disease. This power of the body, which prevents the development of diseases or resists a developed disease, is called Immunity.

Vyaadhiksamatva as it is known in Ayurveda literally means “resistance (ksamatva) against disease (vyaadhi). Physical and mental resistance to disease is of enormous significance for all living beings; it regulates both prevention against and rapid recovery from diseases. Ayurveda propounds that prevention is an equally important aspect of disease management as cure and thus, strengthening the immune system, is a natural way to help the body fight against the disease causing pathogens.

Package includes: Different kind of detox(cleansing) programme, various kind of massages, nasyam, dhumapan, Shirodhara, Avaleha, Yoga and meditation.

Benefits: It enhances immunity, and prevents disease. Role of this package in diseases includes both reducing the strength of those already manifested as well as prevention of those as yet un-manifested. And very important is sense of well-being as we also consider healthy mind is very important in building immunity.

Duration: Everyday 45-90 minutes