Aging is progressive change related to passage of time. Now a days by age of 45-60 age related changes begins to reflects like reduces power of muscles, reduces vision, memory, locomotion function, there is gradual decline in homeostasis and immune function predisposes us to infection, digestive problem and malignancy.

Free radicals cause oxidative damage to various biological molecules e.g. hydroxyl radicals can damage cell membrane and lipoproteins by a process called lipid peroxidation which may contribute to aging process.

The main purpose of Rasayana therapy is to impede the aging process and to delay the degenerative process in the body. Rasayana may be employed for fulfilling both the aim of Ayurveda i.e. protection and Promotion of health and curing the diseases. It also acts as immune-modulator.

Package includes: Different kind of detox (cleansing) programme, Raktamokshan, various kind of relaxing massages, Aroma therapy, nasyam, Shirodhara, Rasayan Avaleha prashan, Yoga and meditation.

Benefits: Taking Rasayana is helpful to increase the immunity of the person to keep us away from diseases. The person became healthy and strong. Some of Benefits of rasayan therapy are longevity of life, Increase in memory power, Young looks, Glowing skin, etc. After taking Rasayana we can learn how to maintain a balance between the material and spiritual aspects of life and help others also to understand it. This will help in establishing the peace, happiness and love.

Rasayana Therapy which regulates the circulation of vital fluid and eliminates the waste materials, rejuvenate the nervous system and keep vigour and stamina. Prevents wasting of muscles, delays the ageing process, keeps strong bones, tendons etc. Prevents osteoporosis, Improves whole body circulation, prevents graying of hair and provides good sleep and appetite.

Duration: Everyday 45-90 minutes