Weight Loss / Slimming


Lots of people think that being overweight is an appearance issue. But being overweight is actually a medical concern because it can seriously affect a person’s health (physical as well mental).

Overweigh/Obesity increases the likelihood that you’ll develop Diabetes, heart disease, gynecological (infertility and irregular periods in women) and sexual problems. Being overweight can also affect a person’s joints, breathing, sleep, heartburn, gallbladder disease and liver problems, depression and energy levels. Obesity also can cause erectile dysfunction in men. So being overweight can affect a person’s entire quality of life

Package includes: Udwartanam (powder massage), Marma massage, Khiji, Nasyam, different kind of body cleansing therapies like Lekhan Basti, Vaman, Virechan, shirodhara, etc. Physical exercise including Yoga and Meditation.

Benefits: Increase burning calories so reduce body weight, Improves circulation, Toning of heart muscles, Lowers plasma glucose levels and increase insulin sensitivity, Lowers blood pressure, Improves cardiac fitness, Lowers lipid levels, Relives STRESS – Mental sense of well being and Relaxation.

Duration: Everyday 45-90 minutes