Gastro-intestinal / Liver Health


Ayurveda defines health as equilibrium of three Dosha , Dhatu, Malakriya, Agni, and cheerful status of Atma, Indriya and Manasa. In the current mechanized life, health of an individual is directly related to life style specially diet habits. The changes in the food habits, life style and stress are the main culprits in the causation of various diseases. All diseases are due to Mandagni(low digestive fire). Agni and Pitta(transformative energy)are similar in qualities. Low digestive fire leads to forms Ama, an intermediate form of digestion. Being an undigested, unprocessed, being sticky, Ama cannot be absorbed by body tissue, tissue fire also becomes weak and its clog the channel/system thus Ama is responsible to origin for many diseases.

Package includes: Digestive medicine, Nabhi Basti, abhyanga, mud pack, panchakarma like virechana, basti, etc.

Benefits: As gastro intestinal tract is the main system to cause many illnesses same way healthy digestive tract also can offer you to get rid of many illnesses. It improves digestive power, treat IBS, regularized bowel habit, improve liver and pancreas function, and thus give you feeling of well being.

Duration: Everyday 45-90 minutes